Mastering Enterprise Investment

Chris Potts

Practitioner Certification Course

Achieving Organizational Excellence at Investing in Change

Strategy | Culture | Process | Portfolio

This intensive three-day course provides a comprehensive exploration of the strategy, key principles and techniques for success at Enterprise Investment.

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22-24 January, 2018



Every change your organization makes is an investment, putting at risk things your enterprise values, to achieve one or more things it values more.

Like all investments, Enterprise Investment involves taking calculated risks. Some changes work better than others, and some not at all. Organizational excellence at investing in change means achieving the enterprise’s goals, at least possible risk, from a portfolio of investments that have diverse probabilities of success.

At the heart of every organization’s performance at Enterprise Investment is its investment strategy, investment culture, end-to-end investment process, and efficient portfolio of investments in change.

This intensive three-day course provides a comprehensive, practical and interactive exploration of goals-driven Enterprise Investment strategies. It is designed for everyone involved in the planning, selection and governance of investments in change, including:

  • Investments Management Office (IMO), and Programme Management Office (PMO)
  • Enterprise Architects and Business Architects
  • Business Process Professionals
  • Corporate and Business Strategists
  • Capital Planners
  • Project Accountants

The course is led by Chris Potts, mentor, trainer and author, and one of the world’s foremost practitioners in Enterprise Investment.

It concludes with a formal examination. Successful participants are awarded an Practitioner Certification in Enterprise Investment.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and apply the principles, process, structures and techniques for achieving organizational excellence at investing in change
  • Design, create and use an efficient, agile and goals-driven portfolio of investments in change
  • Measure, govern, and continually improve the organization’s performance at Enterprise Investment

The course deconstructs these high-level learning objectives into a comprehensive syllabus – summarized below.

Course Programme

The first two-and-a-half days are devoted to instruction, individual and group exercises, and interactive discussions. The final half-day comprises the formal examination, and certification of successful participants.

Overview of Enterprise Investment: Purpose, Value Chain and Process
Measure the organization’s Enterprise Investment Performance
Diagnose the Enterprise Investment Culture
Formulate the Enterprise Investment Strategy
Design the structure of the Enterprise Investment Portfolio

Discover and validate the Enterprise Investment Goals
Assemble, bottom-up, the initial portfolio
Assess the architectural implications of the portfolio
Identify and apply the investment constraints

Run an efficient Enterprise Investments Board
Design the process for proposing, selecting and managing investments
Establish and operate the Investments Management Office
Optimise investments across a group of businesses
Examination, marking and results


Registration for Mastering Enterprise Investment course in Farum, Denmark

The course costs 15.000 DKK plus 25% VAT. The fee covers three days of training, all course material, exam and certificate, as well a breakfast and lunches during the course.

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22-24 January 2018

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