Learning Platform

QualiWare Academy launches digital learning platform. 

Our new learning platform enables us to move our training out of the class-room and into the digital world. The platform is fully integrated into the CoE website, and its features and services will be launched continuously to the community. The learning platform enables online training (both self-study and instructor-led), on-demand events (webinars), train-the-trainer facilities, and more. The underlying knowledge platform is an evolving body of knowledge for the QualiWare platform, and will enable content sharing and provision.

Core Course: QualiWare Starter

The first major release (February 2017) on the learning platform is the complete QualiWare Starter course which aims at new users of the QualiWare platform.

This course will be available for free to all QualiWare users. When taught in-class, the Starter course is an intensive 2-day class. The initial release on the learning platform offers the full course with 14 lessons with extensive slides and exercise instructions, hints and examples. The next release (Q2/2017) will also include videos with all lessons.


While the Starter course is a rather extensive course, we will generally use the learning platform to offer a variety of shorter and more focused courses, as well as more interactive courses – also some with homework! Some courses will be free of charge, others will be fee-based.

A community initiative

Content makers can use our platform to create their own courses.

QualiWare partners, experts and superusers are invited to use the learning platform to develop and deliver their own learning and knowledge products.

As long as the content is relevant for the QualiWare community, we are open to any kind of content. From a 2-minute video to a full-blown course. CoE offers help in course creation, and will use an “App Store” kind of business model giving royalties to content makers.


John Gøtze