QualiWare Administrator

The 1-day course focuses on the set-up and operation of the QualiWare platform.

The course covers installation of updates and patches, setup against database, administration of repositories, the use of metamodels, management of users and groups, as well as handling of the various license types.

The course also discusses basic troubleshooting. Throughout the course, there is both theoretical knowledge about running QualiWare and hands-on practical exercises.

This course requires QualiWare Starter and preferably some user experience.

The course is recommended for those in business who are responsible for operating the QualiWare platform and managing licenses. It should be noted that this is a technical course.

This course is offered in Farum.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this course learn to:

  • understand the set-up and operation of the QualiWare platform
  • run installation of updates and patches
  • setup against database
  • administer repositories
  • manage the use of metamodels
  • administer users and groups
  • administer licensing
  • conduct basic troubleshooting.

Course Content

In this technical course, the participants get

  • a practical overview of the administrative components in the QualiWare platform:
    • QualiWare Execution Framework (QEF)
    • QualiWare Integration Server (QIS), including the Repository Administrator.
  • basic system administration tasks
    • installing updates and patches
    • database setup
    • licensing
  • user management
  • basic repository management
  • basic metamodel management

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Registration for QualiWare Administrator Course in Farum, Denmark

The course costs 3750 DKK plus 25% VAT. Includes 1 day training, course material, breakfast, lunch, and coffee.

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20 May 2019

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