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This 1-day course in the QualiWare platform’s web-universe is about enabling web-based collaboration and maintenance of knowledge content in the repository, where QualiWare Enterprise Publisher (QEP) act as a collaboration platform and QualiWare Integration Server (QIS) as the “machine room”.

In-house Courses

This course is typically offered in-house.

This course requires QualiWare Starter and preferable some user experience. Experience with the QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine, for example via the QualiWare Governance course, is an advantage.

Learning Objectives

The participants will gain a deep understanding of social features such as:

  • rating of objects
  • commenting, submitting change requests or other feedback
  • using embedded secure chat feature to discus and share work with connected colleagues
  • accessing personal governance tasks controlled by QualiWare Governance Workflow Engine
  • analyzing object context landscapes and change impact
  • creating new revisions of objects, sending changes into circulation or approving finalized object work
  • subscribing to areas of interest
  • evaluating KPI’s and performance statistics related to focus area
  • assess social analytics and run diagnostics on the social behavior of the users of the enterprise repository content.

This course will enable the participants to configure and customize the web-frontend.

Course Content

Themes included are:

  • Social behavior management (incl governance tasks etc)
  • Social analytics
  • Add, edit or remove menus
  • Add, edit or remove QRW/tabels
  • Modify and optimize webforms
  • Configure and manage default workflows in the collaboration platform

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