Advanced Portfolio Management

Chris Potts

From projects-driven to goals-driven investment in change

Intensive Two-Day Training For Portfolio Managers, Architects and Business Analysts

Organisations that excel at investing in change use a goals-driven, agile and efficient portfolio. They achieve their goals, at the speed they need to achieve them, and with the least-possible risks and resources.

A projects-driven portfolio is the start of a journey towards truly excellent performance. Each step grows your organisation’s maturity as an investor in change, and multiplies the value of your portfolio management capabilities: Portfolio Managers, Architects, and Business Analysts.

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25-26 April, 2019

Farum, Denmark

This practical and immersive workshop shows you how to transform, step-by-step, your portfolio, process and culture for investing in change.

Learning Objectives

  • Benchmark the maturity of your Change Portfolio
  • Design and use a goals-driven portfolio
  • Recognise and transform a projects-driven investment culture
  • Make agile and efficient investment choices
  • Multiply the value of your portfolio management capabilities

The Workshop

Day One

  • Achieving Success at Investing in Change
    • The two fundamental strategies
    • Applying investment principles to business change
  • The Four Generations of Change Portfolio
    • From implementations and resources, to investments and risks
    • Which generation is your current portfolio?
  • Diagnose Your Organisation’s Investment Culture
    • Why understanding culture is essential for success
    • Your organisation’s personality and maturity as an investor in change
  • Design a Goals-Driven Portfolio
    • Projects-driven or goals-driven: how to tell the difference
    • Create a goals-driven portfolio design, for your enterprise and culture

Day Two

  • Transform Your Projects-Driven Portfolio
    • Reveal all-new knowledge from existing projects data
    • A technical, political and cultural journey
  • Make Agile and Efficient Investments
    • Embed agility in the portfolio, and in the selection of investments
    • Minimise the total risks and resources
  • Track Up-to-Date Portfolio Performance
    • Target outcomes, probabilities and actuals
    • Goals-driven portfolio governance
  • Multiply the Value of Your Portfolio Management
    • Core capabilities of goals-driven portfolio managers
    • From informing to supporting, through facilitation to leadership

Workshop Leader

The workshop is led by Chris Potts.

Chris is a practitioner, mentor and trainer, a professional speaker and author.

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    The course costs 12.000 DKK plus 25% VAT. The fee covers two days of training, all course material, exam and course certificate, as well a breakfast and lunches during the course.

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    25-26 April 2019

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