QualiWare X for administrators

Date: Postponed. TBA
Time: 8:30-13:00
Place: QualiWare in Farum


Usman Ali Munawar, Claus Pedersen, Christoffer Rexen, Kuno Brodersen


4000 DKK plus VAT




Through a technically detailed presentation for participants to learn to administer QualiWare X. This is an advanced and compressed course.


Detailed walk-through demonstration of QualiWare X. Sessions of 30-45 minutes with time for QnA.


Powerpoint documents with illustrative screenshots.


Product architecture (30 min)

  • Introdution to central elements relevant to the of the topics
  • Access by AD (LDAP) or ADFS (SAML) – SSO
  • QualiCloud Azure (Microsoft) versus Hosting (Sentia datacenter)
  • New license structure

Administrator (2 x 45 min)

  • The QEF portal
    • AD Sync setup
    • License administration
  • The RA portal
    • Repository setup
    • GWE setup
    • QCL engine setup
    • Cloning
    • Service Operations

Roles and person synchronisation (30 min)

  • Role setup
    • Business benefit of using roles
    • WEB front end
    • Setup of roles in AD and in QIS RA
  • Person synchronisation
    • AD Sync setup
    • ADFS Setup

Repository architecture (60 min)

  • Repository administrator (compare, synchronisation)
  • Remote repositories (setup and queries)