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QualiWare Center of Excellence provides its services via its member website, via webinars, as speakers at conferences or customer specific events, as contributors to public sites, communities and blogs and as face-to-face inspirational work sessions.

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QualiWare Center of Excellence is responsible for researching, producing, assembling, compiling and editing knowledge products such as documents, videos, sample models etc. that will allow QualiWare customers to learn about relevant topics captured in research documents, books, academic courses, international and industry standards, and from evangelists and consultants.

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QualiWare Center of Excellence works with, and connects, QualiWare customers, partners, consultants, researches and students to share knowledge and experiences on topics ranging from advanced academic research to practical user guides for tools and methodologies.

QualiWare Academy

Via QualiWare Academy the center also coordinates and develops QualiWare’s training services ranging from hands-on tool training to formal certification programs. The QualiWare Academy offerings are shown in our Events catalog.

QualiWare Graduate Program

The QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Graduate Program is a professional, post-academic suite of learning activities over two years, giving the graduates a fast track to a career as an enterprise architecture professional. Apply now!

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