Purpose: The purpose the Asset Board is to build new capabilities from existing assets and knowing your existing assets to build up new ones, to improve capabilities and competitive advantage

Core concerns: Assets are an important concept in economics and strategic management and a central part of finance. Buying assets from suppliers connects the enterprise to its supply chain.

The Content Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose of the Outcome Board is to model goals to define what we mean by success and what to measure, look for or observe to track outcomes.

Core concerns: Outcomes are the results of activities. They can be intended results such as goals, objectives or more generally the purpose an enterprise strives to achieve. Outcomes can also be unintended, when events unfold unexpectedly and results can only be seen after they appear.

The Outcome Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose of this board is to understand the reason people play a certain role by identifying their identity, therefore understanding the ownership and influence of people on the various parts of the enterprise design.

Core concerns: People are individuals with an identity, motivation and intent, skills and expertise, background, story and personality. The roles people play in an enterprise relate to the activities they are expected to be involved in.



















The People Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose the Process Board is to engineer operations for efficiency and design the interplay between organizational units,

Core concerns: Processes focus the design attention on a flow of activities needed for product creation (either directly or indirectly). They consist of a set of activities that are performed in coordination in an organizational or technical environment.

The Process Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose the Product Board is to plan, categorize, structure, create, and build what we make and offer to people.

Core concerns: Products are the result of our enterprise activity and encompass physical things manufactured and delivered, or services rendered to people. A product can be composed of any combination of physical goods and other tangible and intangible structures, and activities performed that lead to the production of outputs and ultimately outcomes desired by the customer or user.

The Product Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose the Purpose Board is to establish a shared sense of what we are there for, and why we exist, to connect people’s activities and individual contributions to the greater purpose to be pursued.

Core concerns: An enterprise’s purpose expresses what its people believe in, consider valuable, and are striving for, usually expressed as outcomes/goals the enterprise aspires to achieve.

The Purpose Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose the Story Board is illustrate identity and purpose, while verbalizing your mission statement as a story.

Core concerns: An enterprise story is a narrative with our co-creators as protagonists, the enterprise as the setting, the ecosystem as context, and the co-creators’ activities as actions.

The Story Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose the Structure Board is to use a single and consistent vocabulary, while consistently using the same entities and relations when designing software solutions (data models, user interfaces)

Core concerns: A structure is a tangible or intangible thing without agency of its own, like machines, buildings, applications, and data structures. Structures consist of parts that combine into a thing of a higher function and complexity.

The Structure Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose the Task Board is when deciding which products to create and market, tasks clarify what these products are for. It can also gain insight and a sense of priority about what matters to customers or other important people.

Core concerns: People have numerous tasks they want to accomplish every day: getting up in the morning, working together with a colleague, visiting a friend or relaxing in the evening. Those tasks are about the outcomes people want to achieve, not the means to get there. Tasks can be seen as a stable expression of people’s needs, motivations and intent.

The Task Board is a part of the EDGY language.


Purpose: The purpose of the Activity Board diagram is modelling what is being done or going on in our enterprise or its ecosystem.

Core concerns: Activities represent something happening that is relevant to our enterprise. This can be something people do, individually and/or collectively (work, entertainment, other ways to spend their time). It can also refer to something happening or going on, events unfolding within our enterprise or outside its boundaries within our ecosystem. They capture the behavior and dynamics of our enterprise over time and enable us to model and map what we do to go about our business and organize ourselves to do so.

The Activity Board is a part of the EDGY language.