Technology Service

A technology service exposes the functionality of a node to its environment. This functionality is accessed through one or more technology interfaces. It may require, use, and produce artifacts.
A technology service should be meaningful from the point of view of the environment; it should provide a unit of behavior that is, in itself, useful to its users, such as application components and nodes.
Typical technology services may, for example, include messaging, storage, naming, and directory services. It may access artifacts; e.g., a file containing a message.
A technology service may serve application components or nodes. A technology service is realized by a technology function or process. A technology service is exposed by a node by assigning technology interfaces to it. A technology service may access artifacts. A technology service may consist of sub-services.
The name of a technology service should preferably be a verb ending with “ing”; e.g., “messaging”. Also, a name explicitly containing the word “service” may be used.

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