The purpose of the Account template is to enable Financial Risk Management as documented in theĀ Account Context Diagram.

The Account can in its properties be described with:

  • a text description
  • an account number
  • a type (“Profit and loss” or “Balance Account”)
  • link to a responsible Organization Unit
  • description of purpose
  • dates from which the account is valid from and to
  • the currency of the amounts in the account
  • the opening balance of the account
  • the closing balance of the account
  • the amount of the movements on the account
  • a assessment of the account’s significance
  • a rationale behind the account’s significance assessment
  • furthermore, the account can be decomposed into several other accounts

The template can without graphics be linked to other objects under the “Risk – Influences” tab in their properties:

As such, the Account template is linked to objects the same way as the Financial Statement template:

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