Business Event

In the context of workflow diagrams and business process networks, a Business Event serves as a pivotal element that signifies specific occurrences, triggers, or decision points. Its primary purposes and core concerns are:

  • Initiation: Business Events often mark the commencement of certain processes or workflows. For instance, external stimuli like a customer order or market fluctuations can act as initiators.
  • Influence & Adaptation: Occurring amidst ongoing processes, these events might represent receipt of vital data, external interruptions, or significant decision-making junctions that can influence the course of the process.
  • Conclusion: Signaling the termination of a process, these events can denote successful completion, abrupt halts, or transitions to another process.

Throughout, the overarching concern of Business Events is to capture real-world scenarios, external influences, and key decision junctures, ensuring accurate and actionable business process modeling.

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