Element Import

In a Class Diagram, the element import is a directed relationship that represents the usage of a specific element from one namespace within another namespace. Essentially, it enables you to “import” or “include” elements such as classes, interfaces, or datatypes from a different package or namespace into the current one. By using element import, you can create modular designs and promote the reusability of components in your system.

In the context of templates in a Class Diagram, element import can be useful when you want to reuse a particular datatype or template class defined in another package or namespace. For instance, suppose you have a template class or a custom datatype defined in one package, and you want to use it as a type for an attribute or operation parameter in a class within another package. In this case, you can use the element import relationship to indicate that the class in the second package is using the datatype or template class from the first package.

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