Enumeration is a template in a Class Diagram that represents a distinct set of named values, also known as enumeration literals. Enumerations are used when an attribute or parameter has a limited number of possible values, and each value can be uniquely identified by a name. Enumerations help to make the model more expressive and easier to understand, as they allow you to use meaningful names instead of arbitrary numeric or string values.

Example: In a Class Diagram for a system that manages event bookings, you might define an enumeration called “EventType” to represent the different types of events that can be booked. The EventType enumeration could have the following literals: “Conference”, “Workshop”, “Seminar”, and “Webinar”. Then, you can use this enumeration as the type for the “eventType” attribute in the “Event” class, indicating that only the values defined in the EventType enumeration are valid for this attribute.

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