Module Parameter

A Parameter represents a procedure call. The Parameter specifications defines the information that is transferred between the called Module and the calling Module on a StructureChart.

The properties of a Parameter are:

Show label (ShowLabel).
Show the name of the connection on the diagram
Initial value is off.

Condition (Condition).
Check if this is a conditional call.
Initial value is off.

Iteration (Iteration).
Check if this is a repetitive call (loop).
Initial value is off.

Call (CallsWith).
A list of references to the information units that are passed as parameters in the call.
Links to: Attribute, DataEntity, DataFlow.

Show parameters (ShowParameters).
Displays a symbol that indicates that information units are passed as parameter.
Initial value is on.

Return (Returns).
A reference to the information unit that is returned by the called procedure (Module).
Links to: Attribute, DataEntity, DataFlow.

Show return value (ShowReturnValue).
Displays a symbol that indicates that a value is returned
Initial value is on.

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