A Problem represents a requirement from an interested party for a change in the way the business is running, the project is carried out, the content of a design component in the repository etc.

It is important to note that a problem should concidered a threat to the accomplishment of the business idea, the project or quality of the final product. As opposed to aChangeRequest that represents an opportunity to act.

It should always be clear to an organisation how to handle a Problem. The process of analyzing the scope of the problem, recommending an action and carrying out and action should be controlled by the project management or dedicated people.

Problem properties

The Problem tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Short Description ShortDescription Short verbal description.
Priority Priority The priority for this Problem.
Choices are:
Originated Date OriginatedDate CreationDate for this Problem.
Originated By OriginatedBy The person who put forward this Problem.
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
Status Status The status of this Problem.
Choices are:
Responsible HasResponsible Person responsible for the problem handling
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.

The Recommend tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Recommended Date RecommendedDate CreationDate of this recommendation.
Recommended By RecommendedBy The Person/Group responsible for this recommendation.
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
Estimated Resource Requirement EstimatedResourceRequirement Estimated cost to solve the problem.
Recommended Solution RecommendSolution Description of the recommended solution

The Actual tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Start Date StartDate Starting date.
Executed By ExecutedBy The person/group that carries out the solution
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
End Date EndDate Ending date.
Resources Spent ResourcesSpend Resources used
Corrective Action CorrectiveAction Description of the action

The Breaks Down To tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Breaks Down To BreaksDownTo Link to models showing a decomposed picture of this entity
Links to: RequirementModel, StrategyModel.

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