A result is a collection of components which are to be produced during a specific project. With the result entity a description of the result is created and links to the tools that are used to produce the result are made. When the links to the tools (e.g. different diagram types or external applications) are made, a double click with the mouse on the result symbol in the Work Model will make the tools accessible to the user through a menu.

The Result object is also available on the diagram type Work Breakdown Structure, where it is used to calculate the cost of a specific project, during the early stages of the project lifecycle. The calculation is based on the principles of “successive calculation” as described in the “Implementation Guide”. When the this approach is used, the project is seen from the project deliverable view point rather than work procedure view point as it is the case with the Work Model approach. A Result will therefore tend to take the role of a work package, aggregating the result and the activities that need to be performed to produce the result. A Result in this situation can be of both material and non material form. This approach is well known from project management theory.

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