GRC: Documenting strategic areas

Purpose: Understand how to create graphical areas on a diagram with the help of notes.

Task: Create a StrategyModel (Hint 1) and document the three strategic areas (Hint 2) as per Cecil Grosscastle’s description:

Cecil Grosscastle:


The QualiCar strategy model consists of three areas called Direction, Current competitive position and Desired competitive position.


Create and describe the StrategyModel:

  1. In the lower left corner in the repository views click Strategy to show only Strategy related templates in the repository explorer
  2. On the right in the repository explorer right-click StrategyModel and click New…
  3. Type in the nameQualiCar strategy model” and press enter to create a new StrategyModel named “QualiCar strategy model”
  4. Double-click on StrategyModelQualiCar strategy model” to open the model canvas
  5. On the canvas right-click on an empty space and click Open… to open the properties dialog or StrategyModel “QualiCar strategy model”
  6. In the properties dialog for the fieldOwner” insert Chief Executive Officer
  7. In the properties dialog click OK to save your changes and close the properties dialog

Document strategic areas:

  1. Ensure that StrategyModelQualiCar strategy model” is open
  2. On the right in the symbol panel click on the Note symbol to start placing notes
  3. On the canvas vertically place three notes named: “Direction“, “Current competitive position” and “Desired competitive position
  4. Right-click on the NoteDirection” and click Open… to open the properties dialog
  5. In the properties dialog for the fieldNote symbol” select “Text Label with Background” and click OK to save your changes and close the properties dialog
  6. Repeat steps 3-4 for NoteCurrent competitive position” and NoteDesired competitive position
  7. Resize the note symbols so that they contain other symbols inside them
QualiCar strategy model so far…