2. Documenting your Business Rules and mapping the regulation against your processes

QualiWare enables you to document your GDPR compliance in different ways depending on your organizations preferences. You can for example choose to document your business rules as your organization’s interpretations of the regulation, and link them to the regulation under strategic alignment, or you can choose to attach articles or paragraphs of the regulation directly to processes and activities, letting the context in which they are used speak for itself.

Regardless of your chosen solution, you will have useful overviews available to you. Below is an example of how an overview of business rules could look like. It includes information about the content of the business rule, link to a related regulation and link to the processes or activities where the business rules are applied:

QualiWare have created ready to use Query Result Views for the GDPR, where the articles are linked to processes and shows the needed changes registered for attaining compliance: