6. Documenting Needed Changes

When discovering changes needed to comply with the GDPR, QualiWare offers an easy method for documenting and implementing them. By using our change request template, you can document the needed changes on the go – for example during the interviews with key employees from the different departments.


When creating a change request, you can describe it, register its priority, link to the process or regulation it concerns. The process owners or responsible are notified when the change request is created and can act as soon as possible. They can continue the work on the change request template and add information about its handling (where actions and estimated cost are recommended), and its implementation.

Below, you can see an example of how a change request template can look from the collaboration platform:


Once the change requests have been made, you can view them at either the process they concern or in a QRV:


The QRV is sortable, and you can filter the search to, for example, only include change requests with a specific status:


Change requests are typically linked to the business processes they concern but they can also be linked to other objects such as an article the GDPR. Then the change request will be linked to the processes that must comply with that specific article. This method could give the GDPR team a great overview of how the needed changes are progressing across the organization, as the process responsible updates his or her progress in the system:


Regardless if the change requests are attributed to processes, regulations or both, QualiWare will help you keep track of them, involve stakeholders quickly and track the progress.