The future of management systems – webinar series

Webinar 1: Pulling your management system out of the ditch
In the first session, we will go through some of the changes affecting the quality and management systems of today. We will also take a closer look at how to move from reactive to proactive systems, closing the gap between strategy and execution.
The traditional management system is reactive in nature. It is, therefore, becoming increasingly outdated. In this webinar series, we will cover the management system of tomorrow. This so as to enable positive change.
Many of the processes and activities covered by traditional management systems are moving towards automatization. Thus, there is a need for revitalizing today’s management systems, making sure that they cover elements such as RPA.

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Webinar 2: Bringing the Customer Journey to Life with QualiWare
Turn your traditional quality management system into a modern customer-oriented management system.
Power has shifted from companies to customers. Thus, companies compete like never before to deliver the best customer experience. We believe that companies management systems can and should play a vital part in companies battle for the customer.
Customer journey mapping provides an outside-in view of your company. This, in turn, provides an understanding of where the most important customer journeys touch your company.
– Which capabilities are put in place at these crucial touch points?
– How adequate are the processes and IT-systems currently serving these touch points?
Customer journey mapping yields a true understanding of who your customers are and how they interact with you. It is, therefore, a great tool for building and retaining customer relationships, making sure customers don’t journey off with someone else.

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Webinar 3: Business Capability Modeling
What are the fundamental building blocks of your company? And how are these reflected in your strategy, processes, applications and technology components? The world is changing faster than ever. With rapid change comes rapid adjustments to companies’ strategies, goals, and objectives. This may lead to confusion and frustration for employees, along with misguided projects and initiatives.
Most companies have clearly defined vision and mission statements. Furthermore, they have put in place goals, objectives and KPIs. Yet, they struggle to close the gap between strategy and execution.
Take charge of your capabilities by describing “what” your organization should excel at, how you are performing in these areas today and how well you need to perform to stay relevant tomorrow. This is most easily done through business capability modeling.
In short, business capability modeling will allow you to identify areas for improvement within your business. The tool is easy to understand and communicate to others, which is perhaps why Harvard Business Review has coined Competing on Capabilities the new rule of corporate strategy?
In this session, you will be guided by the concept of business capability modeling. The session will allow you to understand the capabilities required by your business. Thus, providing a high-level overview of its key elements and how these connect to the rest of your organization.

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Webinar 4: How to model processes when automatization is required to stay competitive?
How do you describe automatization when the “as-is” processes usually only contain the manual activities?
Learn how QualiWare lets you easily describe the three levels of automatization:
– Integration
– Fully automatic

And in addition, how this knowledge must be managed over several years.

Do not let the programmer decide and control the business processes.
Pull your management system out of the ditch. In order to stay competitive, the modern company’s management system should be able to capture its digital initiatives, innovation and customer expectations.

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Webinar 5: Take control of the information in your business – your most valuable asset!
When process automatization is based on poor information, the result is a faster production of bad quality products and services. That’s probably not the purpose?

As GDPR gets a foothold, many have realized that they need to gain control over the information.

Unfortunately, many organizations think short-term and only want to achieve compliance. Luckily, some people see that this is a unique opportunity to simultaneously improve their processes, provide a better basis for making good decisions and cutting quality costs that were previously difficult to uncover.

In this webinar we will show you how QualiWare lets you:
– map the information
– analyze where you have improvement potential
– unite the fields of information and quality for joint efforts around improvement

And how the overall information management MUST be managed over time, integrated with the rest of the management system

Pull your management system out of the ditch.
To stay competitive, the modern company’s management system should be able to capture its digital initiatives, innovation and customer expectations.

Download slides from webinar 5 – Take control of the information – your most valuable asset