HTML Visualizer Filter

The HTMLVisualizerFilter template is used to create customized filter(s) to use in the 3D Visualizer on the web.

Click “Add Templates” to select the templates to be included in the filter.

Click “Add Relation” to insert the relation to be included in the filter.

Once a HTMLVisualizerFilter is created it becomes available in the Explore and Local Explore menu.

HTML Context Menu

The HTMLContextMenu template is for designing context menus for the web.
(relevant from version 10.2)

The symbols available for HTMLContextMenu are:

The graphical part of HTMLContextMenu is only used to define context menus; it is not used for displaying to the user. The HTMLContextMenuItems on the HTMLContextMenu are defining when and where context menus are available to the user.

Example of HTMLContextMenu:

A default context menu can be defined in the HTMLPublisher. The default context menu will be applied to objects of all templates unless specific context menu is defined on the HTMLTemplateDefinition for the template. If the default context menu is left empty then only templates with a context menu defined will get a context menu.

A default context menu defined on the HTMLPublisher:

A template specific context menu is defined on the template definition for that template:

To activate the changes in context menu setup press publish in the HTMLPublisher.

Context menu and Governance Workflow Engine
Objects governed by a GovernanceWorkflow will get an extra context menu item. The item is called Governance and is added as the last item of the context menu. It contains the possible transitions available for the object.


HTML Context Menu Item

Settings for the HTMLContextMenuItem
(relevant from version 10.2)

HTMLContextMenuItem sample:

Context menu item
List of items to who in the context menu

Menu Image:
Not supported

Role access
General role access for all items in the context menu.

Context menu items

The context menu supports GovernanceStateFeature and HTMLContextMenuItem. Adding a GovernanceStateFeature means adding an action to the context menu. Adding a HTMLContextMenuItem will create a sub menu in the context menu.


  • The context defines where the context menu should be activated from. HyperLink means the menu will be available on objects in the repository explorer. Template means the context menu will be available when a template name is shown in the treeview part of the repository explorer. (Toolbar is not supported)


  • Ability to select role-based access to the menu item.


  • Additional condition for showing the menu item. E.g. Template == RepositoryFolder

Sample list of context menu items containing one sub menu and several items with conditions set:

Settings tab on HTMLContextMenuItem

The settings defined on this tab will apply to the whole context menu. If a HTMLContextMenuItem is used as a sub menu, then only Visual name is used.

Visual name

  • Used to define the display name when used as a sub menu

Active on

  • Currently only Left Click is supported

Icon on web

  • Not used here.


  • Only Dropdown supported.

Work Center

Description of this template will be available soon.


Description of this template will be available soon.


Description of this template will be available soon.