HTML Template Definition

The HTML template definition defines the behavior and “look and feel” of a specific template-type.

In QualiWare 10.8 a new Dashboard layout has been introduced. You can create one or multiple dashboard(s) for a diagram template-type. The dashboard(s) are associated on the Dashboard Tab:

The Dashboard are configured using the templates:

The “Left”, “Center” and “Right” tabs specifies the content on the diagram workspace, shown on the example below.

The left window (1) of a diagram workspace is configured on the Left tab, using HTMLContentBox and other HTML-templates:

The Center tabs (2) of a diagram workspace in configured on the Center tab, using HTMLContentTab and other HTML-templates :

The right window (3) of a diagram workspace is configured on the Right tab, using HTMLContentBox and other HTML-templates :

On the Analytics tab, you can configure which “Social Behavior Warehouse” tabs should be available on the model.

Once you have made changes to the template, you should click “Apply” and “Publish” to implement the changes on the Web.

The HTMLTemplateDefinitions are included in the HTMLPublisher.

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