Capability : ArchiMate

An ability that an active structure element, such as an organization, person, or system, possesses. Capabilities focus on business outcomes. They provide a high-level view of the current and desired abilities of an organization, in relation to its strategy and its environment. They are realized by various elements (people, processes, systems, and so on) that can be described, designed, and implemented using Enterprise Architecture approaches. Capabilities may also have serving relationships, such as to denote that one capability contributes to another. Capabilities are often used for capability based planning; i.e., to describe the evolution of capabilities over time. To model such so-called capability increments, the specialization relationship can be used to denote that a certain capability increment is a specific version of that capability. The name of a capability should emphasize “what we do” rather than “how we do it”. Typically, it should be expressed as a compound noun or gerund (-ing form of verb); e.g., “Project Management”, “Market Development”, “Product Engineering”, etc.

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