Functionality Usage

Since the same functionality could be provided by multiple providers, the functionality usage is introduced to break up the many-to-many relationship between provider and functionality.

The functionality usage is automatically created when a functionality is linked to a process or activity. In the functionality usage it is possible to define who (typiocal a system, system component, Service or External Entity) is providing the functionality.
Please note that the provider is not mandatory. An empty provider field could be interpreted as a need for improved IT support.

In addition it is possible to grade how well the provided functionality works and how important the functionality is in this context.

FunctionalityUsage properties

The FunctionalityUsage tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
ShortDescription ShortDescription
Functionality Functionality Links to: ApplicationFunctionality.
Provider Provider Links to: All templates.
BusinessImpact BusinessImpact
Quality of execution ExecutionQuality

The Waivers tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
WaiverPeriodStart WaiverPeriodStart
WaiverPeriodEnd WaiverPeriodEnd
Lifecycle Lifecycle
GrantedBy GrantedBy Links to: Position, Person, OrganizationUnit.
Motivation Motivation

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