Link is a fundamental concept denoting a meaningful structural association between two elements. Far from being a mere connection, a link elucidates the relationship between these elements, illuminating its relevance within the broader scope of the enterprise.

Types and Facets of Core Links: EDGY modeling boasts a rich lexicon with twenty-four pre-defined types of links. This variety allows for a nuanced expression of relationships between design elements, ensuring both clarity and specificity. These links have been categorized into several facets:

  1. Identity:
    • Story contextualizes purpose.
    • Content expresses purpose.
    • Content conveys story.
  2. Experience:
    • Task is part of journey.
    • Task utilizes channel.
    • Journey traverses channel.
  3. Architecture:
    • Capability requires asset.
    • Process realizes capability.
    • Process requires asset.

… and so on, for each facet.

By utilizing these core links, co-designers from diverse disciplines can engage in a richer dialogue, enabling them to integrate their specialized designs more effectively across their respective fields.

The Link is a part of the EDGY language created by the Intersection Group.

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