A Module represents an activity the system shall perform.

One Module on a StructureChart controls the overall funtionality. the remaining Modules describes more or less complex activities in the system.

If the complexity in a Module is too high to maintain the an overview of the module structure, the Module can be broken down to a new StructureChart.

The properties of a Module are:

Short Description (ShortDescription).
This field is used to give a short verbal description of the component.

Breaks Down To (BreaksDownTo).
This single link is used to establish a relation to a component that details the Module.
Links to: StructureChart, Method.

Implements (Implements).
This link list is used to establish relations to components implemented by this Module.
Links to: DataFlowDiagram, Process, Method.

Files (HasFiles).
This link list is used to establish relations to a description of the physical files that implements the Module.
Links to: ExternalDocument, File.

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