Plateau : ArchiMate

An important premise in the TOGAF framework is that the various architectures are described for different stages in time. In each of the Phases B, C, and D of the ADM, a Baseline Architecture and Target Architecture are created, describing the current situation and the desired future situation. In Phase E (Opportunities and Solutions), so-called Transition Architectures are defined, showing the enterprise at incremental states reflecting periods of transition between the Baseline and Target Architectures. Transition Architectures are used to allow for individual work packages and projects to be grouped into managed portfolios and programs, illustrating the business value at each stage.
In order to support this, the plateau element is defined.Plateau propertiesThe Plateau tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Short description ShortDescription
Implements Implements Links to: All templates.
BreaksDownTo BreaksDownTo Links to: All templates.

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