A Service in QualiWare typically represents a Service in the context of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and therefore common and reusable services that will be used in the context of Information Systems that support the processes of the business. The Service template can also be used to define Business Services; i.e., in the context of services the business either offers to its customers or clients or wishes to offer them.

On the object editor window the following properties for Service can be entered:
· Short Description – brief description of the service and its purpose.
· Operations – a listview where the user can link to Operations (i.e., The specification of a service that may be requested from objects) that are or will be used to support the Service.
· Handles Data – a listview where the user can link to multiple data related templates to show what data is handled by or required by the Service.
· On the Capability tab – the QualiWare user can link to the Capability template via the Deliver Capability listview; thus showing what Capabilities currently are or will be provided via the Service, and the Executed by Activity listview provides the ability to link the Service to one or more Activities as they may be part of one or more business processes; thus showing the linkage between Services and Business Processes.

On the Information tab – the QualiWare user can link to data related templates via the Uses Information listview and specify by clicking in the Create, Read, Update, Delete, or Source columns of the listview what action is being taken by the Service on the data item in the listview. The QualiWare user can also link to UserInterfaces that are used or will be used in the delivery or execution of the Service.

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