A new way to work

Now, you can review, edit and aggregate collections of data from across the repository from one window. With the new dynamic spreadsheet, editing content from the web has never been easier.

QualiWare X merges the functionalities of a spreadsheet with the functionalities of property matrices known by super users from QLM. This means that you can not only edit collections of objects and their attributes, but you can also enrich the spreadsheet with extra columns and rows, where you add notes, perform calculations and analyze the information.

It is possible to edit the objects directly from the spreadsheet by either editing their property columns directly or by selecting the object row and clicking on the “Edit” button to open the web-form for that object template.

Any changes made will be highlighted in bold + italic and will only be applied to the objects once the “Save” button is clicked. As soon as the save button is clicked the QualiWare X Spreadsheet will attempt to edit the properties of all the objects with changes and will notify you if any objects are locked or can otherwise not be edited.

An example of use could be a project portfolio manager who would use a spreadsheet detailing various economic data related to projects in their portfolio and perform calculations such as summing, averages and lookups directly in the spreadsheet.

Video Highlights

Introduction to Spreadsheet:

Editing dropdown items, dates and numbers:

Editing text fields:

Filter and sort columns:

Adding rows, performing calculations and editing colorings:

Creating a cross reference spreadsheet

For Administrators

You create the spreadsheets in QLM using the intuitive QueryDesign approach which then generates a GenericQuery which is used in the new Spreadsheet template.

QualiWare X Spreadsheet is a new and much improved incarnation of the Property Matrix and can be used to easily get an overview over a large selection of objects in the repository and even for mass-editing data.

Unlike Property Matrices the QualiWare X Spreadsheet is available on the web front-end and can be used across the organization.

For the full list of functions that you can use in the QualiWare X Spreadsheet you can consult its technical guide: Spreadsheet Technical Guide