QualiWare Enterprise Methodology

The QualiWare Enterprise Methodology enables enterprise planners – enterprise architects, organization and program managers, strategic planners, capital planners, and other planners – to work with sponsors and stakeholders to design an actionable enterprise roadmap that defines needs of the enterprise, what can and will be done to address those needs, and what and when benefits will be achieved, and how outcomes will be measured.

The methodology enables the creation of a common understanding of needs based on the enterprise’s strategy, and can be used to guide formulation of recommendations to meet those needs, and facilitate the development of a consensus-based plan of action that is grounded in a coherent and consistent view of not just technology planning, but the full spectrum of planning disciplines to include, but not limited to, mission/business, IT resources, capital, security, infrastructure, human capital, performance, and records planning, all in the perspective of the coherent enterprise. Specialists and subject matter experts from these planning areas need to be engaged in order to formulate a plan of action that not only meets needs but is also implementable within given constraints.

The investment, implementation, and performance measurement activities and decisions that result from this integrated planning process makes the work actionable and result-driven. The methodology defines a relatively simple, repeatable process that consists of integrated, multi-disciplinary analysis that results in recommendations formed in collaboration with sponsors, stakeholders, planners, and implementers.

Embracing the principles of leverage and reuse, the methodology assist planners in determining whether there are other organizations that have previously addressed similar needs, and whether their business model, experiences, and work products can be leveraged to expedite improvement.

The methodology is used to articulate a roadmap that defines needs, what will be done to address those needs, when actions will be taken, how much it will cost, what benefits will be achieved, when those benefits will be achieved, and how those benefits will be measured. With it, planners can support sponsors and stakeholders as they make decisions regarding which courses of action are appropriate for the mission, including specific investment and implementation decisions.

The methodology embraces and extends FEAF-II‘s Collaborative Planning Methodology. In 2012, the US Government CIO and OMB requested federal agencies to establish annual enterprise roadmaps. The US Federal Government’s Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Version 2 (FEAF-II) was launched within the federal government the same year to support this. FEAF-II includes the Collaborative Planning Methodology (CPM) which is a complete planning methodology that focuses on creating and executing roadmaps.

The QualiWare Enterprise Methodology describes the overall steps and gives detailed guidance for enterprise planners to use. The collaborative nature of the methodology means it must be adopted in an agile yet structured way. Simplified, it can be illustrated like this:

In most enterprises, these activities have much more complex relations than shown above, and a major challenge is getting the many different enterprise practitioners “on the same page”. The QualiWare Enterprise Methodology brings “everything enterprise” together.

Enterprise as a discipline

The QualiWare Enterprise Methodology brings together several enterprise disciplines related to “enabling positive change”.

The methodology defines a range of activities and their deliverables, ranging from establishing awareness and focus on collaborative planning over creating actionable enterprise roadmaps to turning investments into value.


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