Activity 5.3

Collaborative Planning MethodologyStep 5: Perform and Measure

Activity 5.3: Analyze and Provide Feedback

In this activity the performance metrics from the previous activity are analyzed and feedback is formally prepared. The performance data from the previous activity is analyzed to determine whether intended performance outcomes are being achieved or whether additional adjustments might be necessary. Engagement and interpretation with the operations staff is an important part of the analysis including the validation of the conclusions that are established based on the data.

Once the analysis is complete, formal feedback is prepared. This feedback is intended for leadership and governance audiences and is prepared to include any recommendations for further adjustments. Changes to planning documents are needed if additional adjustments are being recommended.

As in the previous activity, the Integrated Plan and the Analysis of Cost, Value, and Risk for Transition Options are important inputs from Step 3. These documents help shape the analysis and provide basis for the feedback.

It is important to engage actively with the operations staff to properly review the analysis and any feedback that is formally developed. The operations staff can provide thoughts and reviews of these materials to ensure that the analysis and feedback are both sound in thinking and practicality. Ultimately, the planners or in some cases the operations staff themselves will present the analysis and feedback to the project and organization’s governance.

Collaborative Planning Methodology

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