Right Sourcing: Enabling Collaboration

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Edited by: Rien Dijkstra, John Gøtze, and Pieter van der Ploeg, 2013.

Table of Contents

Chris Potts

Introduction: Sourcing as an Interdisciplinary Approach
Rien Dijkstra, John Gøtze, and Pieter van der Ploeg

A Business Case for Collaboration
Oscar Berg

Sourcing, a Key XXIst Century Manager’s Role
Thierry de Baillon

Sourcing-IT or Sourcing it?
Pieter van der Ploeg

The Curious Box of Right Sourcing
Freddy Brugmans and Edwin van Dis

What makes an Organization? An Economical Perspective
Rien Dijkstra

The Effect of Sourcing on the Coherence in Organizations
Steef Peters

The Quest for an Agile Enterprise requires Outsourcing
Johan den Haan

Sourcing in an Enterprise Architecture Perspective
John Gøtze and Mette Axél

Using Enterprise Architecture in Sourcing Review
Tom Graves

How to Incorporate Everything as a Service in your Organization
Joost van Boeschoten, Dick van Dijk, Pieter van der Ploeg

The Buy versus Build Shift – Build may be better
Erik Doernenburg

Effects of sourcing IT services on Consolidation and Standardization
Pieter van der Ploeg

Cloud Computing, Outsourcing your IT Infrastructure?
Rien Dijkstra

On the Impact of Application Architecture on Sourcing Strategy
Jack van Hoof

The Role of Identity and Access Management in your Sourcing Strategy
Wouter Meijers

Cross Cultural Collaboration (3C) and ‘Right’ Sourcing
Joor Baruah

In Search of Synergy in Organizations
Kathy Oost

Sourcing IT – a Legal Perspective
Menno Weij and Micha Schimmel

Rien Dijkstra, John Gøtze, and Pieter van der Ploeg

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