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Enterprise architecture (EA) provides an actionable, coordinated view of our company’s strategic direction, business processes, information flows, and resource utilization. Our enterprise architecture provides the company-wide roadmap that enables us to achieve our mission by optimizing performance in core business processes supported by an efficient information technology environment. 

The DMC Enterprise Architecture Program
Our mission is new and our lines of businesses are rapidly forming to meet the needs of customers in times of need. Our EA is a valuable tool in our ability to better manage our mission today and in the future. It is the sincere hope of the EA team that you find this web site useful, informative, and easy to use and navigate.

Danforth’s EA Management Plan gives a good overview over our EA program.

Danforth’s online enterprise architecture repository provides a means to access EA program information and resources, which provide the “blueprint” for defining our current (baseline) and desired (target) environment, and includes a management plan for transitioning from the baseline environment to the target environment.

Enterprise architecture provides the building blocks that drive DMC strategic direction and approach to planning and decision-making. To be successful, it must be owned by all company stakeholders (executives, managers, and team members) and should be used to inform, guide, and manage the decisions of the enterprise. More specifically, EA provides the following benefits:

  • Helping identify and sponsoring those projects that are of greatest value to the organization’s current mission and future direction
  • Improving our ability to adapt to change and realign our assets consistent with the plans and future direction of BTR
  • Improving our ability to plan and execute projects/initiatives through the use of better and current information regarding DMC’s plans, processes, and technology
  • Minimizing and avoiding costs associated with unwanted duplicative process and technology resource investments
  • Minimizing and avoiding costs associated with scrap and rework caused by a poor understanding of the organization’s current and future plans, processes and technology

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