Enterprise Functions and Organizational Structure

EnterpriseAirwaysFrom a high-level functional perspective, the airline operates aircraft and sells seats on those aircraft to passengers. The other major functions include reservations and ticketing, flight operations, aircraft maintenance, ground operations, baggage and cargo, and crew scheduling. Some of the back-office functions include human resources, IT, finance and regulatory compliance. The senior management at the corporate level is responsible for strategic planning.

Following is an overview of the “front office” departments.

  • Corp
  • Flight Operations & Scheduling
  • Reservations and Ticketing
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Check-in
  • Ground Operations
  • Yield Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Human Resources, IT, Marketing, and Finance

The functions of these departments are self-explanatory for the most part. Customer Services is responsible for tracking regular baggage and cargo, handling group travel, administering the frequent flyer program and for dealing with special requests. Yield Management sets fares for the flights for various classes of service. Ground Operations takes care of all activities having to do with aircraft turn-around and the unloading and loading of baggage and cargo. The Customer Check-in department is responsible for all customer-facing activities (check-in, boarding, deplaning, rebooking) that occur at the airport.

The Players

  • Michael Sørensen, CEO
  • Ursula Krone, CFO
  • Rasmus Dinesen, CIO
  • Susan Nordberg, VP of customer services
  • Bent Werner, VP of flight operations
  • Helle Hansen, business analyst
  • Birger Jensen, system analyst
  • Linda Olsen, data analyst
  • Ahmed Hossein, Scimitar System owner
  • Jesper Nielsen, VP of compliance

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