Control Deficiency

The Purpose of the Control Deficiency template is to register a shortcoming of a Control Activity.

The Control Deficiency is used for managing Risk. It can be described with:

  • Date of observation
  • Type of deficiency
    • Design (if the control is not designed properly)
    • Operating (if the control is designed properly, but not performed correctly)
  • Significance (High, medium or low)
  • Observation – description of the deficiency in further detail and/or link to relevant documentation.
  • Link to related process
  • Link to the Control Activity it concerns.
  • Description of any immediate actions taken
  • Link to the person who registered the Control Deficiency
  • Link to other Control Deficiency if it is not the first time it occurs.
  • Description of presumed cause of the deficiency
  • Description of the presumed consequence of the deficiency
  • Recommended actions and their estimated cost and resource requirement

The Recommended action can also be registered in the form of a Corrective Action.

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