Governance Bool Method

The GovernanceBoolList is used in relation to a GovernanceWorkflow e.g. to specify a condition for a GovernanceTransition to take place.

The GovernanceBoolMethod returns either true or false and can be used to tell:

  1. if an action should run
  2. if the transition should be visible

A GovernanceBoolList can contain several GovernanceBoolMethods, and if just one returns false the Condition will return false.

Short description: Here you give a short description of the GovernanceBoolMethod. This should be able to give the user an overview of the feature.

Method used for: This is to tell when the GovernanceBoolMethod should be available to choose from a list.

  • Workflow Apply condition Makes the GovernanceBoolMethod available under “Additional conditions” in the GovernanceWorkflow.
  • When Condition Makes the GovernanceBoolMethod available under “Condition” in the GovernanceActionMethod
  • Analytics Measurement Makes the GovernanceBoolMethod available in the analytics setup.

Verify: Verifies the Method. If the action is verified, today’s date, OK checkmark, and a “Method OK” will be filled out.

Governace Bool Method – Advanced

Condition: This is used for flexibility of methods in the code (C#).

Method actual Name: Name of the C# method used. A set of predefined methods are available in the drop down:

Parameter: Depending on the method used parameters will either be predefined or just generic. (right click in window to add parameter(s))


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