A computer network. It can be either logical or physical. To illustrate the structure of a network use a InfraStructureDiagram object.
To create a hierachy of networks combine Networks and InfraStructureDiagrams.

Network properties

The Network tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Short Description ShortDescription A short description of the item
Topology NetworkTopology The topology of the network.
Area NetworkArea a descriptive type of the network
Type NetworkType The type of the network.
TCP/IP TCP_IP The protocol used is TCP/IP protocol.
Initial value is off.
IPX/SPX IPX_SPX The protocol used is IPX/SPX protocol.
Initial value is off.
Other OtherProtocol The name of the protocol if not one of the standard protocols.
NETBios NETBios The protocol used is NetBios protocol.
Initial value is off.
Show ShowProtocolsOnDiagram Display the protocols of the network next to the symbol on diagrams.
Initial value is off.
Breaks Down To BreaksDownTo The infrastructure(s) of the network
Links to: InfraStructureDiagram.

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