Non Conformance

A NonConformance is used to document findings of discrepancies between a Regulation or a documented procedure and the actual situation or activity carried out in the organization.

NonConformance properties

The NonConformance tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Observation Observation The precise observation.
Explanation Explanation Why the observation is a non conformance.
Against Against Relations to standard or procedures not conformed to.
Links to: Activity, BusinessConnection, FreeHandDiagram, InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Regulation, Role, WorkFlowDiagram, WorkModel.
Date OriginatedDate The date of origin for this NonConformance.
Originated By OriginatedBy Relation to the originater of this NonConformance.
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
Priority Priority Priority for handling this NonConformance.
Choices are:
Status Status Status for this NonConformance
Choices are:
Responsible HasResponsible Link to party responsible for handling this non conformance
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.

The Recommend tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
 Rec. Date RecommendedDate CreationDate of this recommendation.
Recommended By RecommendedBy The Person/Group responsible for this recommendation.
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
Due date DueDate Due date for action
Estimated Resource Requirement EstimatedResourceRequirement Estimated cost to carry out the corrective action
Recommended action RecommendedAction Recommended action for this NonConformance.

The Action taken tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Start Date StartDate Starting date.
End Date EndDate Ending date.
Action taken by ActionTakenBy Relation to person/group who executed the action.
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
Cost of Non Conformance CostOfNonConformance Cost caused by the non conformance
Resources Spent ResourcesSpent Actual cost of corrective action
Corrective Action Taken CorrectiveActionTaken A description of the corrective action taken.
Closing date ClosingDate The closing date for this NonConformance

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