Manage Non-Conformances

This list shows all the Non-conformances in the repository, including their key properties. From this point, new non-conformance can be created and existing ones can be analysed and edited.

The Manage Non-Conformances list is available from the tile on the Compliance Desktop.


The list can also be accessed from the left-menu under Compliance.













If you click a non-conformance you get a more details view, based upon the Non-Conformance-Template.

From this dialog the responsible can edit the non-conformance and progress it through the governance phases.

Below is the standard GovernanceWorkflow for Non-conformance management shown, this flow can be adjusted if needed, see the GovernanceWorkflow for more details.

As part of the standard Change Management Governance Workflow, you can add a non-conformance to approved content, and see associated non-conformances to the content, e.g. a diagram as shown below.

You can add/insert a non-conformance from an audit.