A peripheral can be any type of item which exists in the infra structure which you want to add to a InfraStructureDiagram. Typically it is a hardware device which is physically defined by a HardwareComponent.

Peripheral properties

The Peripheral tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Short Description ShortDescription A short description of the item
Type PeripheralType The type of the peripheral.
Show ShowType Display the type next to the symbol on diagrams.
Initial value is off.
Hardware Hardware The hardware or computer that implements the peripheral.
Links to: Computer, HardwareComponent.
IP Address IPAddress The IP address of the device if the address is fixed
Logical name/address LogicalAddress The logical name or address of the item.
Show ShowNetworkName Display the network name next to the symbol on diagrams.
Initial value is off.
Vendor Vendor The vendor of the item. The vendor might for instance be an internal organisation unit or an external supplier.
Links to: BusinessConnection, ExternalEntity, OrganizationUnit.
Support Support The support provider.
Links to: BusinessConnection, Person, ExternalEntity, OrganizationUnit.

The Economy tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Date of purchase DateOfPurchase When the item was purchased
Warranty expires WarrantyExpires When the warranty of the item expires
Contracts HasContract All the different contracts connected to the item.
Links to: Contract.

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