Preventive Action

Definition of an action with the purpose of avoiding certain incidents

PreventiveAction properties

The PreventiveAction tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Short description ShortDescription Short verbal description of the PreventiveAction
Related Non-Conformance RelatedNonConformance Links to NonConformance related to this action
Links to: NonConformance.
Responsible HasResponsible Link to responsible for this PreventiveAction
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Resource, Role.
Goals HasGoal Links to: Goal.
Plan of action PlanOfAction Link to ProjectActivity or WorkModelshowing dates and resources for plans to execute this PreventiveAction
Links to: ProjectActivity, WorkModel.
Due date DueDate
Estimated Cost EstimatedCost Estimated cost of carrying out this action

The Action taken tab

Property  Metamodel name Description
Start Date StartDate Starting date.
End Date EndDate Ending date.
Action taken by ActionTakenBy Relation to person/group who executed the action.
Links to: InterestGroup, OrganizationUnit, Person, Position, Role.
Cost of Non Conformance CostOfNonConformance Cost caused by the non conformance
Resources Spent ResourcesSpent Actual cost of corrective action
Corrective Action Taken CorrectiveActionTaken A description of the corrective action taken.
Closing date ClosingDate The closing date for this NonConformance

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