Repository Folder

Folders offer access to specific groupings of objects, making objects easily accessible to the relevant stakeholders. The template name for folders in QualiWare is “RepositoryFolder”.

RepositoryFolders can be created in QLM and in the Repository Explorer from the web:

On the RepositoryFolder tab you can add a short description and create a hierarchy by including additional repository folder(s) in the folder.

If “Folder is a root folder” is selected the folder becomes available in the folder selection in QLM.

On the Advanced tab you can specify which tag(s) should be included/excluded, and set additional search conditions:

On the Objects tab you can include all objects of one of more template(s) as well as include specific object(s):

On the Visibility tab you can specify who can access the repository folder from the web.

A repository folder can also be available from the web in the repository explorer.

The Repository Explorer is configured in the HTMLPublisher in QLM, where folders can be added:

Read more about folders and hashtags here

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