ArchiMate 3.0 Webinar

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Are you using Archimate 3.0 Specification as your modelling standard? Do your current tools enable you to work with this and other standards as easily as you would like?

If not, you may be interested to find an easy-to-use, repository-based tool to fully support your requirements. You can manage all your architecture needs, and:

  • Reduce errors in managing the complexity of ArchiMate 3.0
  • Reduce amount of documentation required through re-using your objects and models
  • Save time and reduce duplication of work
  • Add properties to your ArchiMate symbols
  • Speed up work by using non graphical relations

QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Suite fully supports the new Archimate 3.0 Specification. This includes:

  • Support for all constructs, relationships, and controls for ArchiMate 3.0
  • Ability to link your Archimate models to models for other standards
  • Support for all new 3.0 viewpoints
  • Drag and drop any of the 56 symbols into your diagrams

Join our Archimate 3.0 webinar

Monday the 26th September at 4pm CET (3pm UK)

Through this webinar you’ll get a brief Introduction to QualiWare and ArchiMate. We will look at what’s new in ArchiMate3.0. How to draw ArchiMate3.0 diagrams in QualiWare and how you can link ArchiMate with other diagrams and standards.

Join us and learn about the new features in Archimate3.0 and QualiWare