Reinventing IT

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18 Nov webinar with Milan Guenther

In this first webinar of a series on Enterprise Design practice, Milan will show how to reposition architecture, analysis and design work to reclaim the driver’s seat in digital transformation. The webinar will cover these themes:

  • Working with the QualiWare modelling environment, we will cover
  • What the new digital customer means for enterprise modelling
  • Using a holistic approach to define challenges, scope and frame initiatives
  • Running projects in an agile and lean fashion using Design Sprints
  • Systemic and proactive modelling to drive the right conversations

As architects, analysts and IT professionals, we are challenged by our peers, clients and users: well beyond “keeping the lights on”, we need to lead the way into the digital future of the enterprise. With new relationships to empowered customers and users, trust in organizations in decline, and startup competition disrupting entire industries, this role has never been more important. Yet our methods and tools keep us busy documenting today’s complexity, making us seen like preventers rather than agents of change. We see people’s eyes glaze over at our complicated models, tired of the difficulties they entail. To reposition ourselves as the architects and designers of the enterprise, our focus has to shift from modelling the inner workings to covering our ecosystem, from mapping today’s complexity to informing future strategic scenarios, from operations and technology to customer value creation, and from busy diagrams to capturing what matters to our audience.

Milan Guenther

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Milan Guenther is a Managing Partner at eda.c, a strategic design consultancy with offices in Paris and Düsseldorf. He is the author of INTERSECTION, a book introducing the Enterprise Design approach for holistic design in complex enterprises. Milan works with Google, SAP, Boeing, Toyota and the UN, as well as smaller organisations and start-up companies. 

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The Webinar Series

  • Nov 18 – Reinventing IT: How Strategic Enterprise Design Leads Digital Transformation
  • Dec 2 – Experience Mapping: Customer Obsession for IT and Digital professionals
  • Dec 13 – Enterprise Design Sprints: Empowering your Intrapreneurs for Rapid Innovation
  • Jan 13 – Scaling Enterprise Design: a Management Framework for Agile Environments