Release Notes 10.2

Repository Administrator
The clone repository feature in Repository Administration has been extended to support definition of the target database for the clone. Previously, the clone was done in the same database but under a different schema. On the clone repository dialog, a small “Pen” symbol next to data storage will turn yellow when selected.

Repository Explorer (Web)
It is now possible to define a context menu for both folders, templates and objects in the web-based repository explorer.

For details see template definition for HTMLContextMenu.

QualiWare thick client
If object is locked by current user but in another session the object will now open in edit mode.

Governance workflow engine:
In previous version the Governance actions would show up on the web as a “Governance Action” dropdown. From this version Governance Action is now replaced with the first choice so action can be clicked directly. If alternate governance action is required, the drop down is still shown:

Data modeling
Support for Oracle DDL generation and reverse engineering has been added.