HTML Context Menu

The HTMLContextMenu template is for designing context menus for the web.
(relevant from version 10.2, and enhanced in version 10.3)

The symbols available for HTMLContextMenu are:

The graphical part of HTMLContextMenu is only used to define context menus; it is not used for displaying to the user. The HTMLContextMenuItems on the HTMLContextMenu are defining when and where context menus are available to the user.

Example of HTMLContextMenu:

A default context menu can be defined in the HTMLPublisher. The default context menu will be applied to objects of all templates unless specific context menu is defined on the HTMLTemplateDefinition for the template. If the default context menu is left empty then only templates with a context menu defined will get a context menu.

A default context menu defined on the HTMLPublisher:

A template specific context menu is defined on the template definition for that template:

To activate the changes in context menu setup press publish in the HTMLPublisher.

Context menu and Governance Workflow Engine
Objects governed by a GovernanceWorkflow will get an extra context menu item. The item is called Governance and is added as the last item of the context menu. It contains the possible transitions available for the object.


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