Management Plan

Executive Summary

The DMC Executive Committee has agreed to model and prepare a pilot project for the financial and production segments of their business first, thereby addressing the immediate needs for a new sales and inventory tracking system and a new cost accounting system.

The DMC executives believe that by modeling only the strategic drivers, business services and technology solutions that apply to those two segments, they can reduce the time for completion of the enterprise architecture and potentially implement a combined solution saving the company a large financial investment in the short term and using this as a test for whether they move forward with an enterprise-wide architecture.

Long term however, for the architecture to be the most valuable to DMC, they agree that the entire company should be modeled in its current state, and several future states. This architecture will be derived from the strategic initiatives and business processes that define the enterprise.

The direction is articulated in the four major sections of this EA Management Plan, describing Governance and Principles, Current and Future Architectures, followed by a glossary and references.

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