Business Systems


Business systems provide the IT services that help Danforth Manufacturing reduce cost and increase overall market share on all product categories. It can be split into two major categories: Front Office Information Systems and Back Office Information Systems. Combing with the technology support and services which includes office automation applications, desktop computing, voice, network and other services, it forms the technology infrastructure of Danforth Manufacturing.

Front Office Information Systems support the services and applications which customers directly interact with. They include customer online ordering system (eCommerce), B2B system to deal with business customers and customer relationship management systems etc. With providing the value and services directly to customers, Front Office Information Systems is to help Danforth to increase the market share and generate more revenue by leveraging IT technology. The major audience of Front Office Information Systems is customers.

Back Office Information Systems support the business activities which customers are not directly interact with but required for enterprise operation. It covers from the inventory track system, supply chain management system, financial/account systems to human resource and payroll systems. Those systems are where enterprise to improve the efficiency of operation. By implementing these system, Danforth could curt the cost and improve the turn around the supply chain and improve the employee satisfaction. Suppliers and employees are the major users of the Back Office Information Systems.

Information technology infrastructure is also comprised of the support services. They include Voice/phone (VoIP), Network, Desktop Computing and Office automation tools, etc. All the support services systems and infrastructure provide the common services that improve productivity of employees and effectiveness of both Front Office Information Systems and Back Office Information Systems. By providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other IT security solutions, support services also provide the solutions to protect the security and data privacy for both Front Office and Back Office Information Systems. The support services also facilitate the new opening of the remote sales offices, lower operation cost and promote organizational excellence for Danforth Manufacturing.


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