Data Dictionary

Daily use

Field Name Data Type Field Length Description Key Sample
CustomerName String 15 Name of Customer/Supplier Thompson, Bob
CustomerPhone String 15 Phone of Customer/Supplier (509) 555-1298
CustomerAddress String 45 Address of Customer/Supplier 1698 Mellowbrook Road
CustomerState String 15 State of Customer/Supplier WA
CustomerZip Int 9 Zip of Customer/Supplier 980045890
CustomerInventory Int 15 Customer Inventory in Queue 16
CustomerID Int 10 Customer Primary Key PK 948920
ProductName String 15 Product Name Hammer
ProductCategory String 15 Category of Product Tools
ProductID Int 30 Primary Key for Product FK 5432
ProductInventory Int 6 Product Inventory in Warehouse 32
CustomerAcct Int 15 Customer Account Number FK 84392795
PurchaseDate Datetime 8 Date of Customer Purchase FK 12121986
ShipDate Datetime 8 Date of Customer Product Ship FK 12121986

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