Appendix C. System Domain Details

System-Organization Portfolio
Birger Jensen, a systems analyst on loan to the Enterprise Extended EA Team from the Finance organization, has interviewed system owners in the different lines of business and has developed the following systems inventory:

Enterprise Airways System

  1. Aircraft Maintenance & Repair System (AMRS)
  2. Catering Scheduling and Inventory System (CSIS)
  3. Ground Personnel Scheduling System (GPSS)
  4. Flight Information System (FIS)
  5. Frequent Flyer Program System (FFP)
  6. Flight Asset Optimization System (FAOS)
  7. Payroll System (PS)
  8. Scimitar Reservations System (SRS)
  9. Flight Personnel Scheduling System (FPSS)
  10. On-line Front End System (OFES)
  11. Baggage Tracking System (BTS)

Owning Organization

  1. Fleet Maintenance
  2. Flight Operations & Scheduling
  3. Human Resources
  4. Flight Operations & Scheduling
  5. Customer Services
  6. Flight Operations & Scheduling
  7. Finance
  8. Reservations & Ticketing
  9. Human Resources
  10. Reservations & Ticketing
  11. Customer Services

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